The following guideline is intended to  give the Sherlock Street Blog a degree of editorial consistency; All enquiries should be made to

1. Relevance: All material submitted to the Sherlock Street Blog should be relevant to the purpose of the site. This is twofold – Sherlock Holmes literature, broadly defined, and local Sherlockian activity confined to the West Midlands area of the United Kingdom, or likely to directly appeal to those in and around the West Midlands area. We accept material of national interest (eg. relating to major exhibitions, as opposed to local ones).

2. How to submit your contribution: All submissions to the Sherlock Street Blog should be sent by email, as an attachment, to Acceptable formats are .doc, .odt, .rtf and .txt (.docx is not accepted). Your submission should be clearly marked with ‘Blog’ and the selected  ‘Category’ (Articles, Events, Reviews or Stories) in the title. The Sherlock Street Irregulars are UK-based, and as such we expect articles to be written in British English.

It would be useful if you could include an accompanying image (in gif, png, jpg or jpeg format) for insertion at the head of the piece as a separate attachment. The image should not be embedded within the article, and if taken from the internet please provide a link. is from the internet then please send a link as well. Captions should be provided to accompany any image(s). We require permission, either through a Creative Commons license or in writing from the copyright owner, to publish the image.

  • Articles should be should ideally be between 1000 and 1500 words in length. Larger pieces can be considered, but may need to be published as downloadable attachments.
  • Events promotions should be limited to no more than 1000 words. This may be extended for evnts organised by or for The Sherlock Street Irregulars.
  • Reviews for the blog should no more than 800 words long, and should include a star rating of between 1 and 5 stars (half stars are permitted). In some instances the permitted length of a book review can be amended.
  • Stories should be should ideally be between no longer than 3000 words in length. Larger pieces can be considered, but may need to be published as downloadable attachments.

3. Biographical information: All submissions to the Sherlock Street Blog should include three or four lines of publishable biographical information and, if relevant, a link.

4. Ethics: We are particularly interested in unique author perspectives, and in particular the appeal of Sherlock Holmes to a diverse and multicultural readership. Our policies are as follows:

Accuracy – All contributors are responsible for the veracity and factual accuracy of their work. Speculation or personal opinion should be clearly identified as such. Some Sherlockian articles involve fictional facts and assumptions, and if used these should clearly be distinguished from facts presented within the canon itself.

Comments – All comments and replies will be moderated, and all complaints of offensive or other unwarranted behaviour reported to us will be reviewed. Any form of discrimination–intentional or otherwise– will not be tolerated.

Plagiarism – Unattributed use of other people’s work is unacceptable and harmful not only to the author but also to the reputation of the blog. Responsibility for any plagiarism will rest with the author.

Rights – All text published on the Sherlock Street Blog  shall–unless copyright is attributed within the submitted text–be under a Creative Commons license, under which work can be quoted or reproduced elsewhere for non-commercial purposes as long as it is properly attributed and linked back to us. Unless informed otherwise, it is assumed that submitted articles are offered for exclusive publication on the Sherlock Street Blog and for inclusion in a Sherlock Street Journal published by this group. No submission accepted for publication shall be withdrawn or published elsewhere simultaneously in any form without our prior consent.

DisclaimerAll opinions expressed within the Sherlock Street Blog are solely of their respective authors and should not be attributed to The Sherlock Street Irregulars unless explicitly stated.

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