Guest Blogs

With a facebook membership of 700 and counting, the Sherlock Street Irregulars are a group of literary Holmes fans with an interest in learning about new Holmes-related books or in sharing Sherlockian knowledge and opinions. We hope to achieve this by bringing guest bloggers to the site, sharing a broad range of original and creative content, from short stories to artwork, from continuity analyses to essays and infographics.

Our Guest Blogs

We have a few expectations if you want to be a guest blogger.

  • we are a community of friends, so nothing libellous
  • we are family friendly
  • we aren’t here to advertise willy nilly, just to focus on Sherlockian shenanigans
  • we don’t appreciate lots of links (it gets us accused of spam)
  • we aren’t going to insult you by shouting exposure, exposure. Our guest blogs serve on purpose: for creators of Sherlockian content to reach out to their audience

As always, please direct enquiries to


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