The Irregulars Present…


So, last Christmas, before we launched our blog the Sherlock Street Irregulars took over Southcart Books for a day of Sherlock Holmes readings. And we are doing it again…

A book was sort of launched, and as well as experiences Sherlockians we had some writers who were embracing pastiche for the first time. It was fun, and I got to air my Christmas story, Sherlock Holmes and the Smoking Pope, and much enjoyment followed.

Now it’s time for our second foray, which Southcart has again agreed to host, on September 19th.

It’s a hard time of year to secure speakers – the last straggling cons are happening, the last family weddings are being crammed into the late season, and Doctor Who is returning to our screens. And everyone who likes Sherlock Holmes seems to like Doctor Who.

Sadly that includes the author we were hoping to coax along, Andy Lane, who will instead by at Big Finish Day talking about their adaptation of his Holmes/Doctor Who crossover novel, All-Consuming Fire, which has been adapted for audio by Guy Adams, whom we had also hoped to coax along on account of being a writer of Holmes stories and the man who wrote the foreword to the book we are launching, Vallis Timoris.

Yes, a book launch, plus a bit of pre-launch goodness for Constance & Robinson’s Adventures Moriarty, edited by Maxim Jakubowsky, and for MX Publishing’s three-volume set of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, edited by David Marcum.

That’s Saturday, 19th September 2015, starting at 11.00am until 4.00pm.

Names and times will be updates as they become available.


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